• Food Clearance

    we linked up with supplier to help clear their produce at discounted price of up to 70%.

  • Procurement of Item

    With shortage of manpower for FNB industry, doing procurement and handling different supplier will make it worse for owner. we provide a convenient way for FNB owner by helping them to do procurement. From fresh grocery to kitchen supply, you name it , we look for it.

  • Book keeping/ accountant

    Having trouble wtith account and bookkeeping? Our company has partnered with book keeping company to help FNB business do up their accounts and file their taxes.

  • Local Brands

    We are working with local brand and freelancer to showcase their item/skill. This give them a chance to showcase their item or skill to a bigger market

  • Events

    Having a big event coming soon and had trouble planning the event? contact us and we can help you plan your event out.

  • Special request

    If the above service doesn't meet your requirement, do drop us a email or WhatsApp to speak to our customer service. we will try our best to fulfil your requirement.